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Where can I buy the Veggie Oats?

Our Veggie Oats are available at Picnic and Crisp, among others. But also via our website.
Look here for an overview of our points of sale.

Do you also deliver outside the Netherlands?

At the moment we only deliver in the Netherlands.

Belgium will soon be added. Sign up via our contact form if you want to be notified when we are ready.

I have placed an order with you, when can I expect it?

Orders placed on working days before 10 a.m. will be delivered the same evening (between 5 and 10 p.m.).

Our shipping partner will send you a track & trace code on the delivery day. Because our Veggie Oats are a fresh product, they are only offered once.

If your shipment does not come true, please let us know.

Why do you use cooling elements?

We have to use cooling elements to get your order to you cold and to guarantee the shelf life.

Are the 'Recyclold' cooling elements sustainable?

​The 'Recyclold' cool packs contain a 100% organic cooling gel that you can rinse away with water in the sink or simply empty into the garden or organic waste. The cool pack with gel can be disposed of with the residual waste. The empty/dirty packaging without gel must also be disposed of with the residual waste.

Can the cooling elements be used again?

Certainly! Use the cooling elements again for a day at the beach, picnic or to keep your BBQ dishes cold.

The 'Recycled' cool packs are very suitable for reuse. It is important to handle the cool pack with care when reusing it. The more careful you are with them, the more often you can reuse them.

There is no limit to the number of times you can freeze and thaw them.

Tips for multiple use;
- Lay the pack with freezing as flat as possible
- After use, let the pack dry thoroughly before refreezing it
- Avoid contact with sharp objects

How long do the Veggie Oats keep?

Veggie Oats that you order on our website can be kept for at least 14 days.

You can also freeze them upon receipt. Frozen, Veggie Oats can be kept for six months. After thawing you can enjoy it for another 5 days.

Did you buy them elsewhere? Then it says on the side of the container until when they can be kept.

How do I eat the Veggie Oats?

You are of course completely free to do so, but our Veggie Oats are a ready-made product. So put a spoon in and enjoy!

Of course you can add tasty toppings. Check out instagram for more topping inspiration.

Can I also heat up the Veggie Oats?

Yes, the trays can be heated in the microwave or removed from the tray in a pan.

Do your products contain gluten?

Grünten is based on vegetables, but it also contains oatmeal.

The oatmeal we use may contain traces of gluten.

Are your products organic?

Of course we use organic ingredients where possible. But organic is still a lot more expensive and our struggle is mainly to get more vegetables on Dutch plates. Hence the choice not (yet) to go completely organic.

The bananas in our Banana Pecan are organic and even 'rescued'. These are bananas that have fallen off the bunch and are therefore not sold. This way we also contribute an extra bit to food waste!

Are your products sugar free?

Our Carrot Cake and the Banana Pecan have no added sugars and only get a little bit of stevia to make them a little sweeter.

The Apple Pie and Red Velvet Brownie have a very small amount of sugar:
- 2.5 grams per 100 grams.
That is the minimum amount to optimize the taste.

The entire product specification can be found under flavours.

Are your products vegan?

Half of our range is vegan. These are the Carrot Cake and the Banana Pecan .

The flavors Apple Pie and Red Velvet Brownie contain dairy products.

We also offer a vegan mix: Grünten Veggie Oats Vegan Mixdoos .

How do I pronounce "Grünten"?

Yes, there is much speculation about the name.

We pronounce it with a hard "g" and an umlaut on the "u". "gggrünten" so, but if you want to pronounce it differently, you can of course!

Why are your Veggie Oats in plastic containers?

Fresh products must be packaged securely (duh! ;) So we cannot escape plastic.

Biological plastic would be an option... " Would " because then it would have to be separated from 'normal' plastic and 'degraded' under very specific circumstances.
And that doesn't happen.

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